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Notes from Cedrus


New academic year begins (2018-2019)

  • September 15, 2017
  • Cedrus Histórica

Please note that this is an automatic translation of the original Spanish entry. We apologize for any errors. We appreciate your understanding.

Today we begin a new academic year, which will undoubtedly be as fruitful as the previous one. The return is accompanied by a remarkable aesthetic change: we have modified the appearance of the website and improved its visualization on mobile devices.

This year the research group will intensify its activities: in addition to the II Conference on Press, Public Opinion and Propaganda, will organize several short workshops, in a single session, which discuss specific issues, problems or current issues related to the main lines of research.

The great novelty that will take place during this academic year is the birth of our own publishing house. The project will initially be structured around two pillars: an academic publication and several book collections. In addition, we are working on the preparation of some short specialized courses.

We encourage all of our friends to follow the latest developments and, of course, to participate in them to the best of their ability. As always, we are open to all your suggestions and listen to your impressions.

Thank you for everything!

Cedrus Histórica is a non-profit academic and cultural organization based in Spain


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