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Notes from Cedrus


David Rumsey's Map Collection

  • January 26, 2018
  • Cedrus Histórica

Please note that this is an automatic translation of the original Spanish entry. We apologize for any errors. We appreciate your understanding.

David Rumsey’s map collection is undoubtedly one of the best cartographic resources available online. Through his website, any user can access for free more than 80,000 maps digitized in high resolution, whose dates range from mid-sixteenth century to the present.

The best way to access the maps is through its integrated search engine and use the different classification or search options it offers us. In our case, we have selected ‘Spain’:

In spite of being an American collection, we can observe that it has 864 maps about Spain. It is only necessary to click on one of them to access its high resolution version. Let us see, for example, a map entitled Regni Hispaniae by Abraham Ortelius, published in the city of Antwerp in 1570.

The state of conservation of the map is very good. Using the zoom tool, we can appreciate the high resolution in which these resources are digitized. Let’s see the area of the Bay of Cadiz:

From the maps it is possible to access another tool, as curious as it is powerful, called Georeferencer. If we click on the ‘View in Georeferencer’ button, we will be able to visualize the historical map superimposed on a world map of our days, whose opacity we can vary in order to establish comparisons.

For greater advantage, the images can be used under a Creative Commons 3.0 license. Direct access to the search engine: https://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/view/all

The information presented here may be subject to errors. The user should check the main source for data of interest. Cedrus Histórica declines any responsibility for any damage resulting from these errors.

Cedrus Histórica is a non-profit academic and cultural organization based in Spain

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